Microtransit: The Next Big Thing For Los Angeles Transportation?


L.A. Metro has a big challenge on its hands: How can it increase ridership when car-ownership rates are high and gas is relatively cheap? In this battle between public and private transit, the agency thinks it might find a solution somewhere in the middle: microtransit.

Before launching whole hog into microtransit (smaller-scale, on-demand transportation), L.A. Metro has contracted with three companies — RideCo, NoMad Transit and Transdev — to conduct feasibility studies over the next six months.

The idea of microtransit isn’t new, but as L.A. Metro’s Chief Innovation Officer Joshua Schank told Techwire, starting with a feasibility study is unique. “It’s really getting the private sector to put a lot more skin in the game, earlier in the process, before we leap into the service.”

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