Do You Want Fries With That? Burger Bot Will Hook You Up.

The future we’ve been waiting for is finally here: a robot that makes burgers.


The future we’ve been waiting for is finally here: a robot that makes burgers.

The robot, developed by San Francisco-based startup Creator, is a transparent culinary wizard that makes customized burgers in a matter of minutes. It automates the process from start to finish: preparing the bun, grinding the meat, slicing the vegetables and melting the cheese — all made to order, for what Creator hopes will be the freshest burger available in a restaurant.

Creator is on the verge of opening its first robot kitchen in San Francisco, according to Wired. Until then, we’ll have to settle for watching (and drooling) from afar:

California Is Ready For The Robot Revolution

Technology revolutions are nothing new in California. Local leaders say we can handle the way automation is changing the jobs landscape.


The robots are coming.

Automation is expected to eliminate 1 million U.S. jobs by 2026. This has plenty of people panicked. But  a group of California political, educational and business leaders believe the state is well-prepared to handle this transition as workers who are displaced train and move into higher-paid jobs that either can’t be done by robots or work in human-machine harmony.

Says University of California President Janet Napolitano:

Every time we undergo a major shift in technology new jobs that haven’t yet been imagined are created. We need to educate the next generation with an eye towards this unpredictable future and retrain older workers for new types of work.

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