Nike Goes Digital With LA Concept Store


Nike has always been excellent at marketing its Swoosh according to each generation’s whims. And now that Nike has launched a data-driven store in Los Angeles, the 54-year-old sportswear and apparel retailer just might be even more appealing to digital-age shoppers.

Curbside service, “swoosh texting” for immediate customer attention and NikePlus app purchases that are delivered to a locker are all part of this new concept store’s plan. The Nike Live concept store — called Nike by Melrose — will also organize its floor and stock its shelves according to real-time purchases and trending desires. “It certainly differentiates Nike, will generate lots of traffic and make their brand more valuable,” retail brands expert Denise Lee Yohn told the Los Angeles Times. “The future of retail is personal—customers want what they want, when/how/where they want it—and it sounds like Nike is using tech devices and data to help serve customers’ individual needs.”

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